Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Things to do in Krakatoa

Top of Anak Krakatau
Top of Anak Krakatau
Trekking and Hiking Krakatoa

In the two-day tour to Krakatoa, the first thing you'll do when you land on Anak Krakatau Island is setup the camp-ground for the night. Once the tent is setup (and the sun is lower in the sky), it's a great opportunity to see around the Island. 

In the early morning, we will take you to see the sunrise from the first rim of Anak Krakatau. The start of the trek slices through thick wilderness. As we arrive at the sandy volcanic part of gushing lava the vegetation vanishes. The route to the first rim is comprised of little stones and sand and the move to the top is a hard moderate walk. 

It is not allowed to climb till the top of Anak Krakatau, but if there is no Ranggers around surely we can go to the top!

Krakatau Coral reef
Krakatau Coral Reef

On the off chance that you are taking the two-day visit you'll be doing a lot of snorkeling on the second day. You'll have the night to yourself and can unwind and appreciate outdoors on a detached spring of gushing lava with a sky brimming with stars over your head, before snorkeling in the morning. 

Rakata Island and Labuhan Cabe

Snorkeling around Labuhan Cabe and Rataka Island is truly unique. Close to entering the water you will see anemones, trumpet fish, starfish and excellent coral. It's a truly awesome spot for plunging and snorkeling and you'll have a lot of time to investigate reefs. 

Once you've had your fill of snorkeling it's an ideal opportunity to do everything in switch. The speedboat will take a hour and a half to take you back to Anjer Harbor. Your driver will lift you up in the private auto for the excursion back to Jakarta. Once back in the city the driver drops you off at your lodging.

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