Friday, February 12, 2016

Krakatau Day Tour

Day 1 : Pick up service at Jakarta International Airport or Jakarta City or Hotel in Jakarta. We will Drive to Carita Beach. On the way to Carita beach, We will stop over at Anyer Light house to see the historical light house that was destroyed by Krakatau Tsunami on 1883. We will also visit Pasauran Observatory post of Krakatau to see the Sesmograf or Sesmic activity of the Anak Krakatau. On the afternoon arrive at Carita. Stay at Hotel or Condo beach in Carita.
Day 2 : After breakfast, early morning start sail to Krakatau Volcano. We will have day tour Krakatau or Day trip exploring the volcano. At lunch time, we will take you to a snorkeling spot nearby the volcano. On the afternoon, sail back to Carita beach. Drive to Jakarta or stay on more night in Carita. End of service.

Sail by Speed boat double engines or double motor the joureny will takes aboutt 1,5 hours from the harbour of Carita Beach to the famous, deserted, Krakatoa Volcano or Krakatau active volcanic island ring of fire, sailing crossing sunda strait between Java and Sumatra during the trip you may see the group of flying fishes, tuna and dolphin, which is the tour will accompaied by our staff local friendly guide from on the way to see what the left of the biggest explosion ever recorded in history of mankind 1883. Greatest in term of column height 55 KM and sound shock waves which traveled around the globe. Biggest bang in History. possibility Activities in krakatau during the trip climbing krakatau, snorkeling skin dive at Rakata (the mother of anak krakatau) coral reef, fishing, diving, Camping adventure krakatau tours stay over night at the volcanic island, sunset cruising or sunrise at the top of anak krakatau/the child of Krakatau.

About the Tour
Krakatau volcano day trip or Krakatoa Volcano day tour can be start early from Jakarta City Hotel or Jakarta airport depend on request or can be Start from hotel in Carita beach or hotel around Carita.
Sailing Cross Sunda Strait the journey will take us about 1 - 1,5 hours, on the way we could see flying fish, group of small tuna, dolphins and other nice view, depend on the weather.
Sail around the anak Krakatau or Baby of Krakatau volcano - Krakatoa volcano ( Anak Krakatau or Anak Krakatoa) here we can see kind and stem of lava.
we will stop for view minutes to give you a chance to get picture of Krakatau crater on the south west of anak krakatau. Landing at the Black sandy beaches of anak krakatau and Climbing up to the first level of anak krakatau - anak krakatoa.
Swimming / skin dive and Snorkeling at Legon Cabe at Rakata Island coral reef to see kind of colourfull coral and kind of fishes. Landing on the beach of  Rakata Island and lunch time serve on the beach and
At 14.30 pm return boat trip to Carita Beach, our tours are flexible on timming
and drive to Jakarta or other destinantion depend on request.

The Package includes :
Fast Boat Double engine ( Double engine boat is a must For krakatau tour never go with single engine) private charter boat.
Friendly Expert Guide tour Speaking English.
Entry permit
Meals (lunch box).
Mineral water
soft drink and snacks.
Snorkeling equipment.
Ranger fee
Ice Box + Ice
Break fast before boat trip to Krakatau Volcano.

All of our Speed boat are equiped with double engies, life jacket, navigation devices, power full outboard double engines and are oprated by a professioal crew and will accompaied by friendly local guide expert on local attraction.

All duration are flexibel according tou your schedule and we can advise on flight, arrange air port transfer or you can get public bus from Jakarta to Carita Beach and accommodation for your stay nearby Carita Beach.

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